The Division’s work includes psychiatric epidemiological research focusing on addictive behavior. Our research agenda is driven, in part, by the Syndrome Model of Addiction, an overarching theoretical framework that conceptualizes various expressions of addiction (i.e., chemical or behavioral) as opportunistic disorders that have common underlying etiological factors. We use a syndrome framework to understand addiction as a cluster of symptoms and signs with multiple opportunistic expressions, as well as to test various aspects of the model and disseminate findings.

Our recent work has resulted in groundbreaking research in a variety of areas, including the epidemiology of addiction and co-occurring disorders, as well as technology-based programs to assess and intervene with repeat DUI offenders and Internet gamblers. A full list of our current research projects is found below. We are also working on a variety of training and educational projects.

The Division’s commitment to challenging stigma and misinformation about addiction is reflected in our research and represented through our worldwide collaborations. Our current research is funded through a variety of private and public agencies, businesses, and foundations. The Division is committed to Open Science principles and practices that maximize transparency by making key elements of the research process publicly available. As such, the Division publishes its current and past funder information in real time.