The Brief Addiction Science Information Source (BASIS) aims to minimize the harmful effects of addiction by providing the general public, treatment providers, policy makers, and others with access to addiction research.

The BASIS increases awareness through weekly research summaries of current, peer-reviewed addiction science journal articles. We supplement these science summaries with editorials written by people in recovery, clinicians, researchers, policy makers, and others. By discussing addiction and related mental health conditions openly and encouraging compassion, tolerance, acceptance, and hope, The BASIS works to reduce the stigma often associated with addiction. The BASIS encourages recovery and, ultimately, improves lives.

Weekly summaries of current, peer-reviewed addiction science research cover issues related to disordered gambling in The Worldwide Addiction Gambling Education Report (The WAGER); alcohol use in The Drinking Report for Addiction Medicine (The DRAM); tobacco use in Addiction Smoking Health Education Service (ASHES); and substance use in Science Threads on Addiction, Substance Use, and Health (STASH). We feature op-eds and editorials written by people in recovery, clinicians, researchers, policy makers, and others. Addiction & the Humanities discusses literature, art, music, and contemporary culture as these relate to addiction. We provide enduring access to innovative addiction resources, including brief screens, self-help tools, continuing medical education, and Expressions of Addiction. We also feature Special Series on topics that intersect with addiction. Featured topics have included:

  • Race and Addiction
  • Community Approaches to Addiction
  • Theories of Addiction
  • Open Science Practices
  • Addiction and Social Media
  • Stigma and Addiction
  • Self-Directed Recovery
  • Addiction in the LGBTQ Community
  • Addiction and Homelessness
  • Youth Risky Behavior
  • Mindfulness and Addiction
  • Addiction, Resilience, and Recovery within Tribal Communities
  • Addiction and Domestic Violence
  • Disparities in the Experience and Treatment of Addiction
  • Addiction Treatment within Correctional Facilities
  • Addiction and Sports
  • Fatherhood and Addiction
  • Motherhood and Addiction
  • Addiction and College Students