Welcome to our On Demand Video Library. This library is a collaboration between the Division on Addiction at Cambridge Health Alliance, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital, Health Resources in Action, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Office of Problem Gambling Services. We’re partnering to provide capacity building and technical assistance for gambling treatment in Massachusetts.

The first entries of this library are from our video series Ask An Expert: How Can Providers Better Promote and Provide Problem Gambling Services to Asian American Community Members. This series is part of the Project Build Up Learning Academy: Promoting Gambling Services Capacity among Asian American Communities.

This library contains the following videos:


Casino Gambling And The Boston Chinatown Community: A Conversation With Dr. Carolyn Wong

Dr. Carolyn Wong is a Research Associate at the University of Massachusetts, Boston’s Institute for Asian American Studies. In this video, Dr. Wong discusses the relationship between the gambler, the game, and the social and physical environment as it pertains to casino gambling in the Boston Chinatown community. She also discusses Chinese family values and the role of family in the treatment process.


Cultural Competence In Working With Culturally And Linguistically Diverse Communities: A Conversation With Ms. Randa Mazbouh-Moussa And Dr. Keis Ohtsuka

Ms. Mazbouh-Moussa is the Director of Skorpion Consulting in Sydney, Australia and Dr. Ohtsuka is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. In this video, Ms. Mazbouh-Moussa and Dr. Ohtsuka discuss the principles and benefits of cultural competence and steps taken by the Arab Council Australia to provide culturally sensitive and appropriate gambling and financial counselling services.


Engaging Asian Americans In Problem Gambling Treatment: A Conversation With Dr. Elda Chan

Dr. Elda Chan is Director of the St. John’s Cathedral Counselling Service and Assistant Lecturer at the University of Hong Kong. In this video, Dr. Chan discusses promotion of problem gambling services to Asian Americans and Chinese Americans, beliefs about gambling in Chinese culture and how providers can account for these in clinical practice, and concerns of absent demand for problem gambling treatment.


Gambling Among Migrants And Migrant Communities: A Conversation With Dr. Heather Wardle

Dr. Heather Wardle is a social scientist and Assistant Professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. In this video, Dr. Wardle discusses the influence of acculturation, advertising, and availability on migrant gambling, protective factors and barriers to help-seeking, and considerations that public health workers and treatment providers should keep in mind when treating problem gambling among migrants.


Older Asian Immigrant Experiences With Gambling: A Conversation With Dr. Wooksoo Kim

Dr. Wooksoo Kim is Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at the University of Buffalo and co-founder and director of the School’s Immigrant and Refugee Research Institute. In this video, Dr. Kim discusses cultural beliefs, adaptation, and ambivalence about gambling among older Asian immigrants, and the value of asking about positive and negative experiences with gambling in a clinical context.