In partnership with the Hoosier Lottery

Principal Investigators: Debi LaPlante, PhD & Heather Gray, PhD
Funder: International Center for Responsible Gaming
Timeline: 2024

During 2014, the Division supported the first annual Gambling Disorder Screening Day (GDSD). It has since grown worldwide, but much remains to be learned about the best way to reach people who gamble, and whether gambling operators might effectively contribute to expanding the reach of this event. To understand these issues, the Division is conducting a study of  a new digital protocol for gambling screening and intervention. We will use a longitudinal sample of greater-Indiana gamblers recruited through Amazon’s MTurk and in partnership with the Hoosier Lottery to evaluate differences in GDSD reach, receptiveness, and responsivity for lottery-recruited and platform-recruited screening participants. We will also conduct an analysis to determine whether GDSD experiences are different for those minoritized by race and ethnicity compared to others.