Principal Investigators: Seth P. McCullock, Ph.D. & Eric R. Louderback, Ph.D.
Funder: International Center for Responsible Gaming
Timeline: 2024 – 2026

Gambling regulations frequently require that responsible gambling messaging is provided within gambling advertisements. The primary goal of this effort is to reduce potential harms associated with gambling by helping people to make more informed decisions related to their gambling behavior. The extent to which operator-developed messages are effective is unclear, as many of these messages have not been scientifically evaluated. To understand whether operator-developed responsible gambling messages have an effect on and are accepted by audience members, the Division researchers will conduct two studies to: (1) examine the content of static and dynamic responsible gambling advertisements created by the five largest gambling operators, and public health organizations, and (2) longitudinally test whether exposure to these messages influences individuals’ gambling behaviors and cognitions. They will also conduct a series of moderation analyses to examine factors that could influence how participants respond to the responsible gambling messages.