Principal Investigator: Sarah Nelson, PhD
Funder: Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility
Timeline: 2024

Supporting many programs in their use of Computerized Assessment & Referral System (CARS) across the years, we have learned how most programs use the tool, what aspects they tend to struggle with, and what features are most used.  With funding from the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, we will continue to improve CARS based on what we have learned in previous years about its functionality and utility.  Based on this experience, we believe that the best way to sustain CARS and its use long-term is to streamline the tool, retire rarely used modules, and consolidate its features into a single module. The resulting (CARS)-5 v2 will include a single module consisting of the CARS screener and streamlined items from the DUI module.

Because of the number of programs and sites now using CARS, this funding will also support ongoing tasks related to user support, resolving technical issues, and maintaining CARS, in addition to creating a  Quick Guide to inform users on the transition to this streamlined version of CARS.