Gambling Disorder Screening Day

The Division on Addiction is excited to announce that Gambling Disorder Screening Day is Tuesday, March 10th, 2020! Established during 2014, Screening Day is an international grassroots movement designed to increase awareness of gambling harm among stakeholders, and support screening for Gambling Disorder in a variety of settings. Gambling Disorder leads to financial, emotional, social, occupational, and physical harms, yet many cases of Gambling Disorder go undetected. Failure to detect gambling harm is due, in part, to limited screening for this problem. Screening Day addresses the imperative to detect gambling-related problems as early as possible, and the Division encourages diverse organizations to host Screening Day events.

Hosting a screening event on Screening Day has never been easier. The Division’s Screening Day Toolkit contains a variety of free online tools and resources, including a printable and customizable Screening Day Flyer, BBGS e-Screener (Brief Biosocial Gambling Screen) and a one-page article What Is Gambling Disorder? The Division encourages organizations and individuals to share these tools and resources to educate staff and patients. Find out more about Gambling Disorder Screening Day here!

Gambling Disorder Screening Day is part of the Cambridge Health Alliance Readiness for Gambling Expansion (CHARGE) initiative. CHARGE advances healthy communities through provider training, outreach & research related to gambling disorder, addiction & other related mental health conditions. CHARGE activities take place throughout the year, especially during the month of March as we recognize Problem Gambling Awareness Month and Gambling Disorder Screening Day.