In this section of the Gambling Disorder Screening Day Toolkit you’ll find information, educational materials, and other resources about problem gambling and Gambling Disorder spanning a variety of topics:

Introduction to Problem Gambling & Gambling Disorder

What is Gambling Disorder? – This one-pager describes Gambling Disorder from a mental health perspective and includes a plain-language definition and the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for Gambling Disorder.

How Gambling Becomes an Addiction – In this one-minute video, Dr. Howard J. Shaffer describes what happens in the brain when gambling becomes an addiction.

Treating Addiction as a Syndrome – In this excerpt, Shaffer et al. describe substance (e.g., alcohol) and behavioral (e.g., gambling) addiction as a singular addiction with multiple expressions.

Problem Gambling Among Specific Populations

On-Demand Video Library – Watch our video series Ask An Expert: How Can Providers Better Promote and Provide Problem Gambling Services to Asian American Community Members.

Free Educational Materials

The BASIS Special Series on Gambling Disorder – A full month of science reviews and op-eds related to Gambling Disorder and its relationship with other expressions of addiction.

The WAGER (Worldwide Addiction Gambling Education Report) – The Division’s free monthly online research reviews of recent, cutting-edge problem gambling science.

Expressions of Addiction – A photographic essay of case studies of gambling and other expressions of addiction, by Dr. Howard J. Shaffer.

The Division’s Online Library – More than 25 years of the Division’s peer reviewed articles and book chapters, books, reports, and academic posters on a wide variety of addiction-related topics.

Course Materials – The Division offers a collection of evidence-based course materials on a variety of addiction-related concepts, made freely available to the public.

Webinars – The Division hosts webinars for a variety of audiences that cover a range of addiction-related topics, some of which are freely available to the public.

Massachusetts Technical Assistance Center for Problem Gambling Treatment Courses – Free, on-demand educational courses for allied health professionals that cover a range of gambling-related topics

Massachusetts Technical Assistance Center for Problem Gambling Treatment Training Calendar – Free, dynamic live training opportunities for allied health professionals that cover a range of gambling-related topics

Professional Organizations

Massachusetts Psychological Association – The MPA is the professional association for psychologists in the Commonwealth.

Massachusetts Psychiatric Society – A District Branch of the American Psychiatric Association, MSP is a member organization representing the majority of psychiatrists in Massachusetts.

American Academy of Health Care Providers in the Addictive Disorders – Dedicated to advancing certification of treatment providers in the addictive disorders.