Principal Investigators: Debi LaPlante, PhD & Heather Gray, PhD
Funder: DraftKings, Inc.
Timeline: 2023

During 2023 the Division on Addiction will provide DraftKings with training and consultation related to gambling harm, safer gambling practices, and responsible gambling interventions. Funding will provide partial support for the development of 52 free addiction science research reviews to be published on the Division’s Brief Addiction Science Information Source (BASIS) research blog. The Division will also create two on-demand continuing education courses to improve scientific literacy among allied health professionals. Funding will also support the translation of Gambling Disorder screening materials into Spanish and simplified Chinese to be distributed to community-based organizations for Gambling Disorder Screening Day. In addition, the Division will conduct a follow-up needs assessment to guide DraftKings’ responsible gambling training needs.

During 2023 the Division will also conduct research related to safer play and screening for Gambling Disorder. The Division will conduct a pilot study of the use of online survey panels for future Gambling Disorder Screening Day events. The Division will also engage in independent research to provide insight into risk-and protective factors associated with gambling-related health to inform gambling operators’ program development, customer education initiatives, and staff training.

The Division and DraftKings have collaborated since 2016 on a variety of basic and applied research, as well as Responsible Gaming consultation, education, and training.