Your First Step to Change

Many people change their excessive behavior patterns without entering treatment. The Division on Addiction has created a series of self-change toolkits. These toolkits are designed to do three things:

  • They will help people gain information about addiction-related problems.
  • They will help people evaluate their own addiction-related behavior.
  • They will help people develop change strategies, should they decide that change is the best course.

It takes about 20 minutes to complete one of these toolkits. Participation is anonymous and identifying information from participating visitors is not collected or stored. The toolkits will keep track of your answers and allow you to print your results at any point during an individual session. However, if you close or refresh your browser during a session, your answers will be erased. We will not keep records of your answers, and your identity will remain anonymous at all times. We hope that this first step will help you find the change that you are looking for.

New! Your First Step to Change: 2nd Edition

The Division recently published the second print edition of Your First Step to Change. Go to Your First Step to Change: 2nd Edition or order free print copies from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Bureau of Substance Abuse Services.

e-Your First Step to Change

The following electronic editions of Your First Step to Change are based on the 1st Edition:

Download Your First Step to Change, 1st Edition

The first edition of Your First Step to Change is freely available to download in English, as well as several other languages: