STASH, Vol. 16(1) – Patient-centered care in substance addiction research – How far have we come and where are we going?

Recently, patient centered care (PCC) has been gaining momentum as a treatment strategy. Simply put, PCC aims to prioritize each patient’s unique needs by fostering patient-physician communication and shared decision making. This flexible method of care might be especially important in a complex disease such as addiction with its diverse array of expressions. However, different researchers have used incongruent definitions of PCC and we know little about how it is understood within addiction treatment research and practice. This week, as part of our Special Series on open science, STASH reviews a preregistered article by Kristen Marchand and colleagues that described the defining features of existing research regarding PCC for addiction.

What was the research question?
In what ways have researchers examined, defined, and measured PCC core principles and outcomes as they relate to addiction care?

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