ASHES, Vol. 16(11) – Youth engagement and tobacco control: Empowering young people to advocate for policy change

Youth empowerment is an effective public health strategy that can result in improved health and educational outcomes. Empowered youth are actively engaged in decision-making processes and equipped with the skills and resources to make positive improvements on their own lives and within their communities. It is critical that young people be involved in tobacco prevention and control efforts, including advocating for policy change. This week, ASHES reviews an investigation by Melinda J. Ickes and colleagues into the effectiveness of the Youth Tobacco Advocacy Training (YTAT) program, an initiative that aims to empower youth in rural Kentucky to advocate for tobacco control policy.

What was the research question?
What are the effects of a rural youth tobacco advocacy training program on students’ tobacco policy attitudes, interpersonal confidence, advocacy self-efficacy, and self-reported advocacy?

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