Research News

We are pleased to announce a new dataset that has been included in the Transparency Project titled “Gamblers’ perceptions of stakeholder responsibility for minimizing gambling harm.” This data comes from a study with two primary goals: 1) describe the extent to which a sample of casino gamblers holds a distributed sense of responsibility for minimizing gambling harms; and 2)  explore the extent to which perceptions of responsibility for minimizing gambling harm were related to the experience of gambling problems.

The Transparency Project is the world’s first public data repository for privately-funded datasets, such as industry-funded data, specifically related to addictive behavior (e.g., alcohol and other drugs, intemperate gambling, excessive shopping, etc.). The Division on Addiction created this repository to promote research transparency and better access to scientific information.

To view this or other datasets, visit The Transparency Project website.  If you have data that you would like to share, email