CHARGE Tools & Resources

The Division on Addiction offers a variety of problem gambling-related tools and resources, also available in its comprehensive Gambling Disorder Screening Day Toolkit, which has been implemented worldwide.

What is Gambling Disorder?   
One-page article describing Gambling Disorder from a mental health perspective

Gambling Resources & Referrals
Additional problem gambling information and support provided by Cambridge Health Alliance, as well as in greater Massachusetts and nationally

Your First Step to Change, 2nd Edition
The second print edition of Your First Step to Change, a toolkit of resources to help start the journey toward recovery from problem gambling behavior

e-Your First Step to Change – Gambling
An electronic edition of Your First Step to Change, based on the first edition

The BASIS 2019 Special Series on Gambling Disorder
A full month of science reviews and op-eds related to Gambling Disorder and its relationship with other expressions of addiction

BBGS e-Screener (Brief Biosocial Gambling Screen)
A brief screen designed to help people decide whether to seek formal evaluation of their gambling behavior

Gambling Disorder Screening Day Toolkit
A variety of resources designed to make hosting Screening Day simple, easy and successful!