Internet Gambling Research Collaborative

The GVC-Division on Addiction Internet Gambling Research Collaborative

Principal Investigators: Debi LaPlante, PhD & Sarah Nelson, PhD
Funder: GVC Holdings PLC
Timeline: 2019 – 2023

The Division will conduct a 5-year research study on gambling and gambling-related problems among patrons of GVC Holdings PLC, the multinational sports betting and gaming group. GVC will provide the Division with access to anonymized player data across a range of its brands, sports betting, and gaming products. The research will be broad ranging, focusing on a number of areas including, but not limited to: Patterns of normal internet gambling behavior, behavioral markers of gambling problems among internet players generally and on specific bettor and game types, cross-product analyses, cross-brand analyses, and the effects of the expansion of gambling in new markets. The Division will evaluate the effectiveness of algorithms used by GVC and other operators to detect at-risk behaviors, assess the effectiveness of intervention messaging and the impact of operators’ responsible gaming tools.