Principal Investigators: Debi LaPlante, PhD & Sarah Nelson, PhD
Funder: Entain (formerly GVC Holdings PLC)
Timeline: 2019 – 2023

The Division will conduct a five-year research study on gambling and gambling-related problems among patrons of Entain, the multinational sports betting and gaming group. Entain will provide the Division with access to anonymized player data across a range of its brands, sports betting, and gaming products. The research will be broad ranging, focusing on a number of areas including, but not limited to: Patterns of normal internet gambling behavior, behavioral markers of gambling problems among internet players generally and on specific bettor and game types, cross-product analyses, cross-brand analyses, and the effects of the expansion of gambling in new markets. The Division will evaluate the effectiveness of algorithms used by Entain and other operators to detect at-risk behaviors, assess the effectiveness of intervention messaging and the impact of operators’ responsible gaming tools.

Available Publications 

As part of the Entain-Division on Addiction Internet Gambling Research Collaborative, the Division has created infographics (called, Research Snapshots) summarizing our research findings.

Gray, H. M., Edson, T. C., Nelson, S. E., Grossman, A. B., & LaPlante, D. A. (2020). Association between gambling and self-harm: A scoping review. Addiction Research & Theory.