Principal Investigators: Debi LaPlante, PhD & Heather Gray, PhD
Funder: DraftKings, Inc.
Timeline: 2016-2022

The Division is partnering with DraftKings to conduct training and safer play development activities. Specifically, the Division will (1) engage in collaborative, safer play consulting including program innovation, safer play strategies and resources, development, and innovative systems-based safer play approach training, (2) engage in data science consulting to advance DraftKings’ player safety monitoring and intervention approach, (3) develop a Safer Play Conversation Video Library (on-demand learning opportunities), (4) prepare research snapshots and engage in research forums with DraftKings personnel, and (5) disseminate information about its research and other related activities.

The Division and DraftKings have collaborated since 2016 on a variety of basic and applied research, as well as Responsible Gaming consultation, education, and training–all centered around daily fantasy sports play.

Available Publications

As part of Dissemination, Training, & Strategic Consulting for Responsible Online Gaming & Gambling Activities, the Division has created infographics (called, Research Snapshots) summarizing our research findings.

Edson, T. C., Tom, M. A., Philander, K. S., Louderback, E. R., & LaPlante, D. A. (2021). A large-scale prospective study of big wins and their relationship with future financial and time involvement in actual Daily Fantasy Sports contests. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 35(8), 948-960.
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Nelson, S. E., Edson, T. C., Singh, P., Tom, M., Martin, R. J., LaPlante, D. A., Gray, H. M., & Shaffer, H. J. (2019). Patterns of daily fantasy sport play: Tackling the issuesJournal of Gambling Studies, 35(1), 181-204.
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Wiley, R. C., Tom, M. A., Edson, T. C., & LaPlante, D. A. (2020). Behavioral markers of risky daily fantasy sports play. Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 44(4), 356-371.
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