Gambling Disorder Screening Day: A Guide for Screeners

A comprehensive guide for screeners on how to prepare for and host a Screening Day event

Screening for Gambling Disorder during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Guidance for how to screen for Gambling Disorder during the COVID-19 pandemic

Why Screen for Gambling Disorder?

Evidence-based information about the importance of screening for Gambling Disorder

Gambling Disorder Screening Day Flyer Template

Printable and customizable Screening Day flyer to help hosts spread the word

Host Data Reporting Form

An optional form provided to report your Screening Day outcomes back to the us so we can track the Screening Day reach

Key Hotlines

Hotlines and helplines for problem gambling, substance use, domestic violence, suicide, and families and children

BBGS Pocket Screener

Gambling Disorder screening is for everyone. Order these free folded business cards from the Division (maximum 50)

Screening Positive for Gambling Disorder: Guidance for Providers

A guide for providers on what to do when a client screens positive for Gambling Disorder

Instructional Video: The Gambling Disorder Screening Day Toolkit

An instructional video that provides an overview of our Gambling Disorder Screening Day Toolkit


Massachusetts Psychological Association

The MPA is the professional association for psychologists in the Commonwealth

Massachusetts Psychiatric Society

A District Branch of the American Psychiatric Association, MSP is a member organization representing the majority of psychiatrists in Massachusetts.

American Academy of Health Care Providers in the Addictive Disorders

Dedicated to advancing certification of treatment providers in the addictive disorders