Pat M. Williams


Pat Williams joined the Division on Addiction in October 2017 as a Research Coordinator. In this role, he supports research projects funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Bureau of Substance Abuse Services, The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, and DraftKings, Inc.

Mr. Williams performs literature reviews and meta-analyses; supports software testing and development; and develops graphics for science communication and dissemination. He works on a variety of grant-related activities including: Substance Using Characteristics of Social Networks and DUI Outcomes among DUI Offenders; Responsible Drinking: A Synthesis of the Empirical Evidence; Gaming Study Meta-analysis on gambling expansion, exposure and adaptation; and the development of the InSIGHT training tool for An Evidence-based Approach to Understanding Fantasy Sports Activities.

Mr. Williams also also authors for The BASIS, as well as leads the ongoing internal analysis and follow-up for optimizing The BASIS website for improved web traffic. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Seattle University in 2017.

Current Projects:

Updating and Refining Problem Gambling Treatment Guidelines for Research & Practice

Developing a Computerized Assessment & Referral System (CARS)

An Evidence-based Approach to Understanding Fantasy Sports Activities

Responsible Drinking: A Synthesis of Literature

Select Publications:

LaPlante, D.A., Gray, H.M., Williams, P.M., & Nelson, S.E. (2018). An empirical review of gambling expansion and gambling-related harm. SUCHT, 64, 295-306.


Williams, P. & Nelson, S. (2018, April). Substance using characteristics of social networks and DUI outcomes among DUI offenders. Poster session presented at the Harvard Medical School Psychiatry Research Day & Mysell Lecture, Boston, MA.

Select Science Reviews:

Williams, P. (2018, January 31). Gambling problems: The power of parenting. WAGER, Vol. 23(1). 

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