Sharing evidence-based information about addiction is essential to reducing addiction stigma and ultimately improving the lives of those affected by addiction. The Division offers the following:

  • “What is addiction?” provides a complex, concise definition of addition backed by evidence.
  • The BASIS (Brief Addiction Science Information Source) is an online publication that provides a weekly summary of a current, peer-reviewed addiction science article.
  • The Division uses current and cutting-edge addiction research to build innovative continuing education (CE) courses for a diverse set of learners.
  • Facing the Odds: The Mathematics of Gambling and Other Risks is a complete curriculum designed to enhance high school students’ interest in mathematics and provide the knowledge and skills that can help students to think more critically.
  • The Division provides in-person educational sessions to Recovery Support Center staff, peer volunteers, and members of St. Francis House on a variety of topics.
  • With funding from the Department of Public Health’s Office of Problem Gambling Services, the Division hosted webinars that are now freely available to the public.

The Division also offers seminars. To learn more about the seminars we are currently offering, send us an email.