The Division offers a variety of resources that cover multiple expressions of addiction:

  • BBGS e-Screener and Intervention System is a tool created to help people decide whether to seek formal evaluation of their gambling. BBGS is based on the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) criteria for pathological gambling
  • CHARGE: Cambridge Health Alliance Readiness for Gambling Expansion is an initiative designed to advance healthy communities across Massachusetts and beyond through provider training, outreach activities, and research related to gambling disorder, addiction and other related mental health conditions.
  • CARS: Computerized Assessment and Referral System is an easy to use software package that generates personalized clinical reports. It is a tool that laypeople can use easily to administer assessments.
  • Expressions of Addiction is an exhibit of original photographic portraits that depict people during various stages and expressions of addiction. These photographs are part of an exhibition that will help the public better understand addiction by reaching hundreds of thousands through gallery exhibitions, television, and websites.
  • Health-E Gambling is an integrated web and notification system, which provides mobile learning and intervention resources.
  • InSIGHT: Independent Science-based Information on Gambling & Health Training is an evidence-based multimedia training system for gambling industry employees. InSIGHT is designed to help the workforce become sensitive and skilled about responsible gambling and other important and related topics, including addiction, gambling disorder, and public health.
  • Practice Guidelines for Treating Gambling Related Problems: An Evidence-based Treatment Guide for Clinicians is a website for treatment professionals who want to learn more about evidence-based treatment approaches for clients experiencing gambling-related problems.
  • The Transparency Project is the Division’s vehicle for making freely-available privately-funded datasets. It is the first ever public data repository for privately-funded datasets, specifically related to addictive behavior.
  • Your First Step to Change a series of self-change toolkits that addresses drinking, smoking, marijuana, shopping and gambling.