Problem Gambling Treatment

Updating and Refining Problem Gambling Treatment Guidelines for Research & Practice

Principal Investigators: Heather Gray, PhD & Debi LaPlante, PhD
Funder: Massachusetts Department of Public Health Bureau of Substance Addiction Services
Timeline: 2016-2018

This project will include developing updated versions of two resources (1)Your First Step to Change: Gambling and (2) Practice Guidelines for Treating Gambling-related Problems. For Your First Step to Change, we will review the content, concepts, activities, and measures, and update and revise, as necessary to maintain a contemporary evidence-based foundation. For the guidelines, we will review the scientific literature related to treating gambling-related problems empirically, and update the treatment guidelines to indicate and describe those treatments that meet the American Psychological Association’s qualifications for Empirically Supported Treatments. In addition, we will work with the Office of Problem Gambling Services to provide gambling-related clinical trainings and complete gambling-related needs assessments for adults and youth accessing Bureau of Substance Addiction Services treatment services.