Responsible Drinking: A Synthesis of Literature

Principal Investigators: Howard J. Shaffer, PhD, CAS & Heather M. Gray, PhD
Funder:  Massachusetts Department of Public Health Bureau of Substance Abuse Services
Timeline: 2018

Responsible drinking (RD) initiatives and programs should prevent or minimize alcohol-related harms. Existing RD programs might include college programs, designated drivers, limit setting, server training programs, education, information and messaging programs, and more. Unfortunately, there has been no systematic evaluation of the evidence for such programs; consequently, we do not know about the quality, impact, and efficacy/effectiveness of RD programs. Given the importance and potential public health impact of RD programs, it is vital to evaluate the available scientific evidence. Doing so will help identify the programs that achieve their stated goals of preventing and reducing alcohol-related problems.  This study will evaluate scientific evidence related to RD through a systematic literature review and coding of existing studies along multiple dimensions, including observed quality, impact, and efficacy/effectiveness.